Friday, April 8, 2011


iMovie '11: Essential Training

     I have been using iMovie and other video editing software programs for a while now, but it has all been self-taught. I really liked how these video covered the basics of file management also. I can not stress to my students enough how they need to understand and utilize file management. In the business of video and sound production that is almost key to your success or demise if you lose your assets to your productions and ultimately, your clients.
     The beginning three chapters were a bit basic, however there were some very valuable information that I found in each of them. For example, the stabilization feature when importing footage. I have decided that instead of creating something from scratch during this training, I really want to use the exercise files and follow along with the instructor so I do not get caught up in the creative side but spend more time actually learning the techniques that are being taught.

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