Thursday, March 31, 2011

BP1_Welcome to my blog

I am so excited to begin to use blogging as part of my class. The idea of continuing class discussion outside of the classroom, and providing extra information, will help me provide my students with more tools to help with their success. I also feel that being able to read their feedback on what I have posted will provide me with a qualitative assessment of topics covered in my program and hopefully, will generate internal motivation of the student to be a more proactive participant in the class.

The purpose of this blog is to give some examples of new tools and techniques that are used in the video and sound industry, as well as begin some discussion between students and peers. The reason I titled this blog “The for what it’s worth department,” is mostly due to an old friend. It could almost be looked at as a dedication. He would find some very interesting and also at times funny pieces of information that the two of us would discuss and at the end he would usually say: “by the way…that was for your what it’s worth department.” At first, I was confused by what he meant by that, but over time it became clear. He was trying to provide me with new ways of thinking and also at times some necessary information. I hope to also provide you files for your what it’s worth department as well as he did for me. 

Come on in. Your ideas are welcome.