Wednesday, April 6, 2011


     As I began to research new tools this week, I wanted to find one that I could implement in my class to help students plan, and also see what is coming up next. It seems all of my students are very interested in "what are we doing next?" as I hear this question quite often. I was looking for something better than a calendar. I wanted it to be colorful and also have the ability to incorporate pictures, links, and movies as well. I found one and it is called tiki-toki.
     This timeline creation tool was very easy to use and looked very slick. You can sign up for a free account, however, there are limitations. The limitations are basically how many timelines you can create at once, not having advertisements appear, and utilize a group editing feature. The prices for the other account types range from $5/month for a bronze account, $20/month for a silver account, and a gold account does not yet have a price posted. All accounts do allow you do use images and movie files that are either on your computer or already on your Flickr, YouTube, or Vimeo accounts.
     I signed up for the free account and could not believe how fast it was to create a cool looking interactive timeline. You are able to color code entries, or stories as they are called, and then add more descriptive text as well as incorporate other rich media into your timeline as I already mentioned. Below you can see an image of what I created, but feel free to look at my timeline if you are interested.
     I am definitely going to use this in my classes. Since I have multiple classes I will have to upgrade and pay for the bronze account. This way I can keep all my classes as separate timelines, and avoid student confusion at the same time keeping the timelines looking cleaner.

  Again, this is just for your "what it's worth" department.


  1. Marc, I see that this is a relatively new site that was just launched in March. It seems that it is relatively easy to use and is visually appealing. I like the numerous features that this site contains. Being able to add text, images, video clips, makes this timeline interactive, which will be appealing to students and anyone who views the timeline. The fact that you can customize your timeline and create a different look for each timeline is an excellent feature. This also keeps the timeline from being static and boring. The ability to embed your timeline onto your website or blogs makes the information on your timeline easy to share.

    This is a great find and for “what it’s worth” I will definitely be sharing this site with my colleagues and friends.

  2. I don't know if Jennifer has mentioned this to you yet or not, but she's got another really nifty timeline tool: BeeDocs Timeline 3D. It also costs money, but it will export to video, import from iCal and iTunes and other sources, and is generally just cool.