Thursday, November 10, 2011

MAC Wk #3: PPP

Next week we present so we have been researching and looking for avenues to get our hard work seen by other educators around the country. I am so happy that member of my CBR group have decided to work together on this presentation. We all come from various backgrounds and all teach much different curricula but we all had the challenge to use technology to change behavior. The behavior is motivation of the student.

The first conference that was found was in Denver for the AACE. This conference would be interesting to present at because we could discuss how the roles of the instructor and learner have changed regarding teaching strategies and learning environments, both traditionally and virtually. The second conference is located in Kentucky and is for KYSTE. The conference here focuses on collaboration. All of the individuals in my CBR group have a large amount of their project based on collaboration and we also can speak on the importance of collaboration form our experiences at Full Sail.

Lastly, I would like to attempt to wrote an article for the ACTE magazine, Techniques. This magazine deals with Career & Technical Education, which is what I teach for video and audio production. I am not sure as of yet if I want to do a short article or a longer academic piece discussing my CBR project and the different suing of technology in the classroom and increasing motivation.

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