Thursday, November 10, 2011

MAC Wk #3: "Art of Possibility" WIMBA

I was unable to attend WIMBA on November 9th due to other commitments. I reviewed the archive thought about what I thought about the textbook we have been using in this class. I really have liked it. I think it may have to do with the fact that the author is a musician and that he uses a lot of references to music that I totally understand. Some of the other texts we have used in the EMDT program have been full of great information but not reader "friendly" for a lack of a better phrase.
My favorite part of the book, although I am not through reading the whole text at this point, was about having the students write a letter from the future about why they earned an "A." I love that idea! I was thinking about using that as my second quarter started but, then realized that my students might not take it as seriously as they would if it was the first day of school.
My second favorite part of the book was not taking yourself too seriously. At times, I think I try to plan too much and expect things to go as planned. In education, we all know that Murphy does show up and the whole class including ourselves may not be up for the task that day for a number of reasons. I have been known to be too stressed or get to impatient at home and this chapter again showed me that we need to breath, take it seriously, but not yourself or the outcomes of the day that seriously.


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  2. Marc,
    I am glad you can appreciate all the musical references in the book. While I think the authors make it universal enough for even me to understand, I must say I find myself trying to get through or skipping over some of it. Other than that, I am enjoying the philosophies and practices described.
    I am totally with you on stress and impatience; I often find it hard to step back n those frustrating situations.