Friday, October 28, 2011

MAC wk. #1: Comment on Wayne Nelson's Blog

In his Blog, Wayne said:

"In most of my work to this point for the CBR project, I have tried to use my own images and video; however, in the case of the alligator snapping turtle and other endangered species, I did not own any of my own material of these species. So I called the Missouri Conservation Department and asked if I could use the materials on their website. I was told that as long as I was using it for educational purposes that I could use anything on their website. So I have made sure to give MCD the credit for their work in my projects. I am hoping; however, that after the project is completed, the MDC may want to further use and follow the information that I have gathered."

I responded with:

"Wayne, That is great how you contacted them for their permission. SO many people do not think about it and that is why I think they get in trouble with the owners. I wish you luck with your CBR and hopefully the MDC will use your hard work. Heck, maybe they will even find a position for you to create educational materials for them."

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